Pre-K through Eighth Grade
50 Byrd Avenue, Bloomfield, NJ | 973-338-8505
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Welcome to St. Thomas the Apostle School
A Traditional, Timeless, and Supportive Blend of Family and Catholic Ideals

Saint Thomas the Apostle School is an Archdiocese of Newark elementary school of students from pre-kindergarten through grade 8, located in Bloomfield, New Jersey. The student to teacher ratio is standard 20:1

Our cornerstone is the traditional, timeless, and supportive blend of family and Catholic ideals.  We thrive upon a family and school partnership.  Our faculty relies on the family as the primary educator, an educator with a daily and cooperative role.  Your child will flourish in mind, body and spirit and your entire family will benefit from the vibrant and wholesome experience that is Saint Thomas the Apostle School.

The experts have spoken and the results are in.  Children simply learn more with a leadership of faith, framed by timeless values and support.

Mission Statement

At Saint Thomas the Apostle School, our mission is to provide students with a challenging and comprehensive education integrating spiritual values rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition.  We cultivate and herald the growth of our students in mind, body, and spirit, preparing them to take their place in the Church and in the world, in roles of leadership and service.


    We believe that:

  • We guide our students to grow in faith and knowledge in a God-centered environment, instilling the moral values necessary to enable our children to lead good Christian lives.

  • We endeavor to touch hearts, nurture souls, kindle minds, and inspire lives.

  • We strive to awaken in each child, a love, desire, and appreciation for learning in a Catholic environment.

  • We recognize that all children are created equal in the sight of God, and that each child has unique qualities that deserve our recognition and respect.

  • We rely on faith, and with love, on the teachings of Jesus Christ, and encourage our students to live its message.

  • We educate the “whole person”, preparing our students to live joyfully, capable and confident that they, just as the Catholic school they attend, can make a difference.

  • We celebrate an attitude of successful achievement with each learner impacting his or her success with hard work and determination.

  • We give witness, by example, to the value of self-discipline, consideration of other people’s feelings and property and manners.

  • We teach our children to be aware of and care about the plight of other people, in our school community, our local community, national community, and global community.

  • We guide our children in their growth and development, integrating respect for the Creator, respect for self, and respect for others, to use their talents and gifts to serve others, so that they may become future leaders of the Catholic Church and greater community.